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Tryggare kan ingen vara

As many of you have already learned, Neferia Abel is leaving Second Life for several months while  she moves, fulfills her dream of illustrating a children’s book and recovers her health.  An ambitious set of goals and I am sure each and every one of us wish her success in every one and hope for her speedy return. Like many others, I will share a couple favorites today, but first I want to share a  lovely song that suits this heavenly dress and will most likely be familiar to Neferia since there is so much cross-cultural sharing between Norwegians and Swedes. It was my father’s favorite hymn. He was Swedish and it was sung at his funeral – and to perfectly frank, at every funeral on that side of the family. Sometimes I think it’s the only Swedish song everyone still remembers besides Oleanna and Nikolina (believe me they are NOT funeral appropriate.)

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