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The Light

The MiaMai Bridal Collection is out and inspiring me to try out Quicktime’s new built in screen capture film-making. Monica Outlander of MiaMai has found inspiration in the new materials option and her inspiration and craft are really shown to great effect in this gown where the shine and shimmer of materials add luster and glimmer and subtle shading. It’s a gorgeous gown that inspired me to run over to Memento Mori to shoot some pictures that might capture some of the magic in her gown. The song is Sara Bareilles’ The Light because light is so much a part of the experience of wearing this dress – and of Memeto Mori.


Not the little dusting of pink in the light.

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I Have Some Boots You’re Going To Need

So I have NEWS! If you remember the FLUX events, the Mardi Gras, the Taxidermia event, then you might be excited to learn that FLUX is returning with a new monthly THEMED event. What’s fun about FLUX is that it isn’t a big discount room full of crap you don’t need, rather it’s a themed event where invited creators are releasing lovely items based on that month’s concept.

The first concept in the hopper is AMERICANA and I’ve got a sneak peak at the EASY RIDER boots from Memento Mori by FLUX creator GHOST MANNEQUIN. You’ll have to wait till July but it’s shaping up to be an AWESOME event. Continue reading