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I Relay…. Do You?

I relay for many people in my life… my mother, an aunt, an uncle, a cousin and numerous friends … some who have won… some who are losing… and some who have lost to this evil enemy we call CANCER.  I will be participating in an event next Saturday – a date auction to benefit Relay for Life.  Located at the Balboa Theatre.  If you want more information or an auction form, please stop by my shop, Flutterby Tattoo’s.  And consider dropping a few Lindens in the RFL kiosk while you are there… I Relay… do you?
I Relay-a
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FFL 2012

FFL Front

Hello World! Tristan here with my first post!

I’d like to thank Gidge, Cajsa and the entire gang here at the Its Only Fashion blog for their warm welcome and all their timely advice. I hope that my style, writing, and photographic skills (or lack thereof) don’t embarrass them too badly lol.

Now, as luck would have it, this weekend was the opening of the Fashion for Life event. I was able to head over on Saturday evening and put this outfit together from items I picked up while shopping there.

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