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I ♥ Tintable

I thought about calling this “Peach Me, I’m Dreaming” but realized that would be a new low in word play and demurred. Instead, I thought I might focus on how wonderful it is to have tintable clothing items that enable mixing and matching with a broader number of choices.  Now, when I saw the Morcade dress at French Touch last week, I fell in love. It’s just beautifully made and for 1L, it’s the steal of the grid.  Gidge blogged it at FreeStyle along with a host of 1L dresses from there. Soon after we were at the fishing hole on Zion and there was a gorgeous woman wearing that dress which lead to a three way conversation about way to wear the top without the skirt. She put on a grey wool pair of pants and looked luscious.

I went back to the photo studio and tried a bunch of skirts and they all looked good, but the look that melted my butter was this one – with the ALB Dream Fashion Dior dress. I just tinted it a bit to get it peachy instead of creamy and yum!!!

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Another French Touch

A lovely find at Dany’s French Touch is a men’s suit that with patience can be resized down for women. It’s modifiable, so you could drop a resize script in the prims if you are reluctant to edit freestyle. I have no such qualms and handily shrunk down the collar and cuffs. I opted not to wear the tails and just the jacket. The pants are from LeeZu – bringing the period outfit into the present.  The suit is named Urien and is a lovely floral print. It’s named after the poor fellow who married Morgan le Fay, but this is more 18th Century than Arthurian in style. Whatever its era or its inspiration, it makes a lovely feminine jacket.  Incidentally, even the system pieces are modifiable, so you could retint this if you like.

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Dany French touch peut etre

Every once in a while I come across a store and love so much of it, I have a virtual spending spree.  That happened yesterday when I went to Dany French touch peut etre and bought several outfits – that ranged from 1 to 150L in price, so a spree that did not break my bank. Surprisingly, a while later I got an IM from the creator thanking me for shopping and gifting me with this lovely dress. She said nothing about blogging, just a thanks for shopping – but I will mark it as promotional just in case.  I had to check it out immediately and just loved it. The store is in 2nd place in the creator levye Shippe’s picks and you should go there even if you’re not in the mood to shop because she has made such a beautiful place. Be sure to explore the grounds – they are lovely.

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