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You Can Almost See My Sn@tch

Every week Ivey Deschanel releases a new note card with another play on her stores infamous name. I’m not sure how she keeps it fresh, but I always secretly giggle a bit.  Cajsa helped me with my inventory when I was sick once, and she was horrified to discover hundreds of new release notecards from Sn@tch.

They entertain me, what can I say? Continue reading

Morning Lounge – A Vintage Fair Preview

Wednesday is never easy. People try to pop around happy proclaiming Happy Hump day or other inane blather but to me, it’s like omg, the weekend – so FAR away. This morning I couldn’t be arsed to do more than lay about my house and consider getting up. Just consider it. Continue reading

She’s A Little Runaway – a Vintage Fair Preview

I’m running away. It’s settled. You can’t make me stay, you don’t understand my music or my friends or anything THAT MATTERS TO MEEEEEEEE.

No wait, that’s not right. I’m all grown up. Hmmmmm. What is it then? Continue reading