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Take a Chill Pill



I am sure more than one person feels like telling folks to take a chill pill, but luckily this month that phrase won’t be a rude dismissal and instead is the very wise and sound advice sending folks to Collabor88 where the theme is Chill Pill and the colors and aesthetic are Nineties Brights. Perfect exemplars of the Chill are these bangles and the necklace from Maxi Gossamer for Collabor88. The fun and funky nails with the googly eyes are from FLAIR. They even have a narrow stripe of orange down the outsides.


And I am mostly decked out in the chill clothing and accessories from Collabor88. The top, skirt and belt are a single piece dress from VinCue. It comes in a range of colors, full of the fun of mixing wild colors together. It’s perfect for hanging out at the It’s Only Fashion blog office.

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