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Photosourcing Indignation – Only When It's Not You

I have decided that 500-700 hits a day aren’t enough and I want a piece of the drama traffic as well. So, that being said, I’m going to start daily posting things which annoy the living hell out of me.

That’s right. Sit down, school is in session.

First up the crusader against content theft and nutfuckery Tenshi Vielle of Shopping Cart Disco,who has thrown under the bus Bianca Foulon and  Muism for their mutual photosourcing of a GOD AWFUL top , has apparently decided that since SHE doesn’t read any fashion blogs that none of the rest of us do……….

Hmmmm, Where Hath I Seen This Dress Before?

Seriously Tenshi, did you think that we wouldn’t notice that you lifted this STRAIGHT off of Fred Flare?   I suppose that righteous indignation is good for SCD but over on Crap Fashion it’s just all good to do whatever is fun at the moment with no moral compass?

And then to make matters worse you’ve got perfectly respectable folks SUPPORTING this hypocrisy?

Please. I’m thoroughly disgusted with the whole thing.

School’s out. You may resume your lives.