Rubber Duckee, You're The One !

posted by Gidge Uriza

Funny story about my pool. When I bought it, it was bigger than the plot of land I lived on. It didn’t LOOK that big. But then I brought it home and rezzed it and well, I had to get more land didn’t I? Tragedy.

The New Rubber Duck Poses from STORIN were a perfect reason to take a sunset dip as far as I was concerned.

I had a little trouble getting the duck over my boobs.

Kidding,That's One of the Poses. Duh.

AH THERE I GOT IT RIGHT! Now time to play!

I invited Tenshi Vielle over to swim and for dinner.


Dinner time I guess then………..

Here she is going “Nuuuu I have something to live for…..” or whatever……….

….and she was never heard from again.

The end.

The Details:

Rubber Duck Poses from STORIN includes the awesome bathing Cap!

Gidge is wearing:

  • Skin – PXL Creations
  • Bathing Suit – Boom
  • Some of Tenshi’s Blood bcse she’s a messy eater

Tenshi is wearing:

  • Hair from Lamb
  • Bathing suit from Ohmai
  • Skin from Tuli

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