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Second Life Photos: What I Like #16

I have fallen behind and it’s been weeks since I posted What I Like. Just to catch up a bit, I am going to post short explanations and more pictures.


Degas’d by Grazia Horwitz.

I like Degas’d by Grazia Horowitz. Why? The desaturated subtlety gives it an air of fragility that suits the tentative pose, the cocked shoulder, inward-turning feet, the air of uncertainty and delicacy.

Hands Away . Andrews Asthetic (pv 1)

Hands Away . Andrews Asthetic (pv 1) by ROQUAI Poses

I like Hands Away by ROQUAI Poses. It is intriguing and prompts questions. It makes me want to know more. It’s bold and dares to withhold. Continue reading