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Tree Trimming

My Christmas tree from LAQ Decor was a great find, Sasy recommended it when I was casting about for something new.  I haven’t been feeling well so comfy clothes from Somnia were perfect for my rainy night in.

Feeling crummy and wanting to do all the things is frustrating. Add to that gloomy weather, and a general malaise and decorating my tree was the most cheery thing I could think of to do. Continue reading

Beige Patent Pumps Just Like Kate

I heard a radio show shortly before the Royal Wedding, talking about beige patent pumps. Beige patent pumps are apparently everything. Kate Middleton had been seeing wearing them at appearances, suddenly you had to have them. The morning shopping guide on the radio show (because this is now a thing apparently) went through and told us what brand Kate was wearing and since we obviously can’t afford those (commoners) told us where to get them priced in our (commoner) price range.

Luckily for us pixel girls, LVLE has come out with a gorgeous pair of beige pumps that fit the bill with gorgeous texturing that subtly shines.  We might not get to marry a prince, but we’ve got cute shoes so really, that’s probably good enough.

Pixel princes are a dime a dozen anyway, girls. Continue reading

An Avatar After Work

I’m officially moved in. I picked up Sophie from Auntie Inventory. She’s been visiting there for a while, she really loves it – Auntie Inventory HAS EVERYTHING.  I decided that after a day full of being a fashion blogger and walking around looking pretty, there was nothing for it but to sit on the porch, gaze at the sea and have some wine.

That solves all life’s stresses, I’m pretty sure.

It seems like a big place to have all to myself, and making dinner just for me would be lonely, but Cajsa has moved in to be my neighbor! I’m SO excited that after all these years we’ll be within cup of sugar borrowing distance! Continue reading