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Tree Trimming

My Christmas tree from LAQ Decor was a great find, Sasy recommended it when I was casting about for something new.  I haven’t been feeling well so comfy clothes from Somnia were perfect for my rainy night in.

Feeling crummy and wanting to do all the things is frustrating. Add to that gloomy weather, and a general malaise and decorating my tree was the most cheery thing I could think of to do. Continue reading

A Little Splurge


I have been eyeballing this bedroom set from LAQ Decor for some time. And since it has been at least, oh, a week, since I ordered new furniture I decided WHAT the heck and clicked BUY on marketplace to have it delivered. I bought the PG version, because it was slightly cheaper – I believe it was around 999L and my husband is off in Azeroth so  I won’t need a sexy times bed. Continue reading