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Sometimes I'm A Fairy

posted by Gidge Uriza
When MDR had their Midsummer Night’s Dream party, Silo and I couldn’t make it because we were in the middle of the move from hell. Which was really disappointing because we had really been looking forward to it.
And – I already had my costume!
I had flitted from Fairy’s Grove, to Coconut Ice, to a few other places I like but whose name’s escape me to try to find something new. Which is insane because I already OWN several expensive Fairy outfits (I own way more than someone who doesn’t RP probably should). But, stamps feet, I wanted something NEW. The theme was Midsummer Night after all……..I wanted something that said LIFE.
This Leaf Fairy Costume from Fairy’s Grove ended up fitting the bill perfectly.

So since we missed the big shindig – Silo and I did the next best thing, we had a house party with a BELATED Midsummer Night theme and invited all our personal friends. It was a fairy forest after a while, I tell you – with all the beautiful wings flitting about.

I had picked up this Reica hair from Diversity, she had the fun colors pack on sale when she released the hair so the EIRE went perfectly with this green nature fairy look. Continue reading