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Gone Fishing


Those Fisherman Pants from Zaara at The Arcade make me very happy. I have several pair, snatching them up for the gacha machine filled with party delights from Goa.


I love how the Pixicat vest from Collabor88 this month goes so well with it that I had to try out a few variations.
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Linen and Wool


There is a reason designers and fashionistas encourage natural fabrics. They don’t trap moisture against your skin, “breathing” so that you feel dry and comfortable. They are warm when you need them to be warm and cool when you need them to be cool. Of course, that does not matter much in Second Life® where our pixel weather is always perfectly what we want it to be. But you know, natural fabrics still look right. They have a richness about them which is so evident in this wool sweater and linen skirt from NYU. Continue reading

The End of the Journey

Memento Mori

I have done very little since I received that e-mail early Wednesday morning telling me that Squinternet had reached the end of her journey. I posted an announcement in her groups and on the Love Donna Flora blog and crawled into bed for a good cry. Crying can be so cleansing. Unfortunately, it upset my cat who proceeded to demonstrate loudly and longly that he can cry harder and louder than me. This touch of the ridiculous made me laugh.

Grief is like a cloud, fogging my brain. But one thing I know, I am not alone in my grief. Squinternet (Giulia) was widely admired and literally hundreds of people have been touched by her artistry and her kindness and they all feel her absence. I hope those who loved her find comfort in the knowledge that she was well and widely loved and that thanks to the generosity and openhearted spirit of the Second Life community, she got to see that before she died. In many ways, Love Donna Flora! was a memorial – one that she attended. People shared their hopes, best wishes and their love for her at the event and on the blog with blog posts, messages and open-hearted generosity. And she got to see it for herself.

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