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January 2017 ECLIPSE Magazine

ECLIPSE Mag Cover Story

Every month I write a couple articles for ECLIPSE Magazine. The January issue is out and I encourage you to check it out, not just for my own efforts (which include the cover story on Mischief Managed and the regular Voices from the Grid) but for a fascinating article on art, the exciting fashion spreads, and all the other great articles.

January ECLIPSE Magazine

The January edition of ECLIPSE Magazine is out and there is a lot to enjoy with several fashion features, an article on education in SL and an interview with Caitlin Tobias. I worked on three articles this month, including the cover story article of Sasy Scarborough.
Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 2.04.36 PM
It is harder to write about friends than about strangers and acquaintances. You never really know where the boundaries are when you write about friends, what to ask and where to stop. But, Sasy is one of those influencers in Second Life whom people should get to know. She understands our community and has been modeling how to succeed for years.
Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 2.06.02 PM
David Bowie died on January 10th and in his honor we postponed a planned article, moving it to February and I wrote a short essay and several models and photographers produced a wonderful photographic tribute.
Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 2.08.13 PM
Each month I ask a few random folks, mostly strangers, in Second Life their opinion on this and that and they generously respond. It is one of my favorite features every month.

ECLIPSE Magazine Is Out

ECLIPSE Magazine Cover

The latest issue of ECLIPSE Magazine is out with a cover story on Siddean Munro of SLINK along with Sideman’s own explanation of her creative process from the idea to the release. It’s a don’t miss piece. For the first time, I understand what weight painting means.

Biblbe Oh

I also interviewed Bibbe Oh, the SL artist who is the first life Bibbe Hansen, also an artist. She brings her SL art to first live galleries and bridges those two worlds seamlessly. She also has a fascinating life story full of amazing characters and creatives.

Aradia Aridian wrote a great article on kid’s fashions, called Baby Got Swag. There are also several great fashion pieces full of photos.

Each month, we hear from the general public in Second Life in Voices from the Grid, interviewing residents on one topic. This month’s Voices From the Grid asks “How real is Second Life?”