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February 16th, 2023

Credits :
Body : Maitreya – Lara
Head : LeLutka – Briannon
Skin : Heaux – Sorrel (New @ Equal10)
Eyes : Banana Banshee (WIP)
Eyebrows : Simple Bloom
Hair : Truth – Maven (New @ Equal10)
Nails : Cazimi
Pearls : Yummy – Pearl Stand Knot necklace and earrings (New @ C88)
Dress : Ricielli – Paige Dress (New @ Cosmopolitan)
Tights : Friday – Dotty tights
Shoes : Ingenue – Spellman Heels (FLF feb 10th)

April 28th, 2022 – Much purple, such violet.

Credits :
– Body : Maitreya – Lara
– Head : LeLutka – Briannon
– Skin : Enfer Sombre – Lily skin – mocha (@C88)
– Hair : Magika – Sadie (New)
– Earrings : Yummy : Romy Earring collection (@The Fifty)
– Eyes : Banana Banshee – Claire (@The Fifty)
– Glasses : Fetch – Bennie glasses
– Necklace : Kunglers – Kelly Necklace (@Cosmopolitan)
– Rings : Yummy – Autumn Array rings
– Beverage : Hive – Pink Drink on the go
– Outfit : Blueberry – Socialite (New)
– Nails : A:S:S – Nail appliers – Purples (no longer available)

September 26th, 2021- Casual sunday

Credits :
– Body : Maitreya – Lara
– Head : LeLutka – Briannon
– Shape : home made
– Skin : The Skinnery – Joann – Honey (@Uber)
– Eyes : Banana Banshee – Sophia
– Hair : Tram – K0925 (@Uber)
– Glasses : Deep Static – Jenny Glasses (@Uber)
– Outfit : Amias – Yael sport set – Navy (@Cosmopolitan)
– Shoes : Blueberry – Authentic Sneakers (75l$ only for the Saturday Sale)
– Coffee : Hive – Cold brew coffee to go
– Bag : Reign – Slouchy tote bag

July 2nd, 2021 – extra vacations

Since I was enjoying Little Santorini, I decided to stay a few extra days. I wandered along the narrow passages and found the artists corner. Isn’t it lovely? For the occasion, I was wearing the lovely new dress from Amias, found at the new Cosmopolitan Event, as well as the very cute glasses from Deep Static. Yummy rings, a Kunglers’ necklace and my old but still amazing shoes from The Secret Store perfectly compliment my outfit.

I think Heaux is my new favourite skin store in SL. Everything they make is so pretty! Both new skins at the new Blanc. Event are simply perfect. You might want to try the demos though, as one of them (Rowan, worn here) works with Glam Affair’s latest body skins and the other one requires the Velour skin.

Rose is wearing :
– Body : Maitreya – Lara
– Head : LeLutka – Briannon
– Skin : [Heaux] Rowan – Browless – Honey *GA (@Blanc.)
– Eyebrows : Simple Bloom *EvoX AVALON* LivSpring Neutral HUD_DIAMOND
– Eyelids : Izzie’s – LeL Evo X – Eyelid Changer Monolid 10
– Lips : Heaux – Rowan – Lipstick
– Eyes : Banana Banshee – Orlah
– Eyebags : Izzie’s – LeL Evo X – 04 Eyebags
– Piercing : Little Fish – Kirstin (LeL Evo – Briannon)
– Glasses : Deep Static – Piper Glasses (@Cosmopolitan)
– Earrings : Little Fish – Miley (Lelutka EvoX Hooman)
– Hair : Exile – Chelsea (@Hair Fair)
– Necklace : KUNGLERS – Dhiaka necklace
– Rings : (Yummy) Sea Treasures – Maitreya
– Nails : EarthStones Sparkle & Shine Mani/Pedi – Fatpack – Maitreya
– Dress : Amias – CALLA dress red – Maitreya Lara (@Cosmopolitan)
– Shoes : The Secret Store – Becky T-strap Heels – Milk (tinted)

May 9th, 2021 – Here comes the Sun…

Credits :
– Body : Maitreya – Lara
– Head : LeLutka – Briannon
– Shape : my own
– Skin : DeeTaleZ – Aria no brows
– Eyebrows : Simple Bloom – Liv Spring Neutral
– Eyes : Banana Banshee – Faelynn
– Glasses : Sleepy Eddy – Modern Shades (@TMD)
– Lips : DeeTaleZ – Lips Aria
– Freckles : DeeTaleZ
– Piercings : Little Fish – Ariana / Demi / Zara
– Hair : Lamb – Heartbreaker (@C88)
– Dress : Neve – Daisy (@Fameshed)
– Nails : EarthStones Sparkle & Shine
– Rings : Kunglers – Jaiska (@Cosmopolitan Event)
– Shoes : Breathe – Sayumi Heels (75l$ Saturdays)

Stories & Folklore

With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?

The theme for Collabor88 this month is StoryTime and the creations showcased are a rich display of folkloric traditions and influences. There is a lot of embroidery, a lot of beautiful colors and rich traditional fabrics. Sissy Pessoa ran with the idea into a more modern direction with this gown and capelet. It has all the traditional flower forms, but the dress itself is quite modern and made even more so in the sheer version.

With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?
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A Sound of Thunder

A Sound of Thunder

There was a downpour yesterday, raining so heavy that at times it looked like it was dark out during the day. While it was cold, grim, and miserable outside, inside was warm with food, friendship, and the fellowship of good company. Countering the gray, cloudy rain, there was a bright yellow sun in the form of this lovely minidress from Decoy for Collabor88.

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Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That′s the problem.

“Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That's the problem.”

A.A. Milne’s wonderfully wistful Winnie the Pooh once said “Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That′s the problem.” I am sure we would be a in a better place if we listened to what the animals are telling us about our environment, but as to not listening…They never had a cat like Oscar. Listening to Oscar is not a choice. There is no not-listening option. You see, with Oscar, if you don’t listen immediately, he just gets louder and louder and louder and he does not stop. He perseveres. This comes up when he decides he wants me to lift up the corner of the quilt on my bed or the lap quilt on the couch so he can crawl under. I know he will not stop, so I am well-trained and immediately hop to it when he begins to meow (Howl is more accurate.) But then sometimes he looks at me like “what are you thinking?” and walks off tail in the air. Ten minutes later, he is back to howling for a blanket lift. After a few cycles, I try to ignore him. It never works. He perseveres.

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Color Speaks All Languages

Colors speak all languages.A little over 300 years ago, Joseph Addison wrote, “Colours speak all languages, but words are understood only by such a people or nation.” He was writing about the pleasures of the imagination and arguing that the written word incites the imagination more than imagery. He also suggested that how enthusiastically people respond to the written word is influenced by their capacity for engaging their imagination while reading. I like the idea that color speaks all languages, but it is hooey.

First of all, even within people speaking the same language, men and women see color differently. Women see more shades of color than men and describe the colors differently. Beyond that, colors have cultural values that vary from place to place. There is a very cool interactive chart here. White is the color of mourning in East and of bridal innocence in the West. Red is lucky in China and dangerous in Europe and North America.
Colors speak all languages.

However, no matter what the cultural subtext color choices may bring, no one can deny that this gorgeous Ethnic Jacket from Purple Moon will being an entire conversation to your closet.
Colors speak all languages.I paired it with this gorgeous pencil skirt from Maitreya. The skirt details including the black back and the leather detailing make it seem to have been made for this jacket.
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