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Hoppy Easter Or Some Other Overdone Trite Title

I love Easter and am delighted to be able to make you groan with silly pose sets and super trite blog titles.

This is how I roll. Are you new here? WELCOME TO MY SLIFE I’m intensely silly.

But to be serious – it’s EASTER folks and that means candy and pink/pastel explosion as far as the eye can see. I’m super, super into this, as you can imagine.

I’ve found all the eggs the bunny left for me and now I’m ready for some treats! It’s going to be a great month I think. Well, I hope. If I can eat all this candy, that is. Continue reading

Bow(l)ed Over


This adorable little sweater dress from Bowtique is so sweet with its peppermint pink striped inset down the front, the double row of ribbons and the pink pearl buttons. However, it is saved from being saccharine thanks to a sharp, flat collar and the ribbed selvage at the bottom. If that collar had been rounded and if there were a ruffled skirt, this dress would rot your teeth. Instead, it satisfies your sweet tooth without causing any cavities.

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