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October 16th, 2022 – Witching hour

Back in 2014, I was lucky enough to visit Japan, and was in Tokyo for Halloween. The next morning I was chatting with 2 ladies from the US in a cafe, and one of them said “the Japanese have completely missed the point of Halloween, they removed all the gore and replaced it with kawaii”. Well, you know what? I like the Japanese Halloween better. Which is fine, because it can also be found in SL.

Credits :
Body : Maitreya – Lara
Head : LeLutka – Briannon
Skin : [Heaux] Laurel – Dark Brows
Eye make-up : Goreglam – Tarantula Eyeshadow (Satan Inc Trick or Treat gift)
Hair and hat : Magika – Salem (new)
Eyes : Banana Banshee – Lilith (NightShade exclusive)
Dress : GField – Ghost Bride Dress (Hallow Manor exclusive)
Gloves : Bauhaus – Lenore Gloves (Satan Inc Trick or Treat gift)

October 13th, 2022 – Spooky kitty

Credits :
Body : Maitreya – Lara
Head : LeLutka – Briannon
Skin : [Heaux] Kittie – Browless – Blush (Satan Inc. Trick or Treat reward)
Eyebrows : Simple Bloom – LivSpring Neutral
Blush : Nonnative – Vampy Blush (Satan Inc. Trick or Treat reward)
Make-up : Nonnative – Vampy Eyelinner (Satan Inc. Trick or Treat reward)
Hair : Stealthic – Caress
Ears : Evermore – Nekomini animated ears
Eyes : Banana Banshee – Bastet
Whiskers : Arise – Kittie Mesh Whiskers
Dress : Friday – Marnie Sweatshirt (Halloween Shop and Hop gift)
Shoes : Blueberry – Power Play – Boots

Weekend Sales Oct 7-9

Weekend Sales Oct 7-9

Who says the undead can’t be cute?! If you like the dark aesthetic behind me head over to Club Cemeterium to enjoy the dark scenery and music that matches!

ELIKATIRA Kerrianne Hair

#aesthetic Batty Heels
Dernier Shine Face Glitter and Shine Mesh
Guapa Anabel EVOX in Dracula

Vibing kinslee rings
Pink Cream Pie Nefertiti Mummy Wraps

Dark Mouse Witches Broom & Moon Necklace 199L

Lelutka Lilly Mesh Head
Izzie’s Eyebrows EVOX in Mint
Euphoric Fantasy Eyes EVOX pack 2
C’est la Vie One Color nails EVOX
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara w/Petite Add ON
VELOUR Ipanema Body for Maitreya in Dracula

Olive Juice Thrilling Pose Pack (No longer available)

October 9th, 2022

Credits :
CLOCKHAUS – Sonia Stockings BLACK – HEARTS – [BOM]
(Enfer Sombre) Maitreya Skin – Mocha V.7.4 {S}
Izzie’s – LeL Evo X – Immortal Eyeshadow
(Enfer Sombre) LeLutka EvoX Ears – Mocha
Dark Mouse Witches Broom & Moon Necklace
HEAD / lel EvoX BRIANNON 3.0
:[P]:- Hololense Glasses
CAZIMI: Nails – Moon Manicure Reds
Gloom. – Nightmare Collection – Sclera 01 – Lelutka
Ladybird. // Planchette Earrings Onyx
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3
Tres Blah – Hazel Dress – Tartan [Maitreya]
[Aleutia] Skye Leather Boots – FATPACK – Maitreya
(Enfer Sombre*) LeLutka EvoX Skin – Mocha – Adeline

A Dubious Engagement

I met some lovely people who invited me over for a little casual Pre-Halloween Soiree and so I thought I’d stop and pick up some treats on my way. It’s important to be a good guest, don’t you think?

There were a few folks with no skin, and this one fellow who just keeps floating about in an ominous way wearing a very poor quality hooded cape. Is that a sculpty? It looks like it.

I just don’t now if these are my people, truly. I may just feign a headache and head home.

I’ll take my drinks home. This just doesn’t seem like the kind of crowd to enjoy a 3000 calorie coffee, now does it?

What’s on your agenda this weekend? May I recommend these coffee drinks? They are delicious!
Gidge is Bringing Treats In:
Tights:[Stellar] Garter Tights in black
Brows: [Glam Affair] Adele – Brows Black 100%
Lips: [Glam Affair] Adele – Lips Toner 3
Skin: [Glam Affair] Adele
Eye Makeup: [Glam Affair] Adele – Eyes Makeup 2
Ring: (Yummy) Diamond Solitaire Ring – Gold – Maitreya
Head: / HEAD / lel EvoX KAYA 3.1
Earrings: Bliensen + MaiTai – Mine! – Earring – Night
Necklace: Cae :: Trinket :: Necklace (Long)
Hair: Exile::June 1
Boots and Socks: friday – Charlie Boots
Skirt: Friday – Tatum Skirt (Abyss) – Maitreya
Top: friday – Tatum Sweatshirt (Abyss) – Maitreya
Coffee: Junk Food – Pumpkin Candy Latte
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3

Spooky Season is here!

LOTD 10-3-22

If you ever wanted to lose yourself down the rabbit hole, then I suggest Wonderland 2.0. Step out of the small house when you arrive and do just that. This build is so amazing with so many places to discover and explore!

Week 1 Spooky Outfit!

Lelutka Lilly Mesh Head
[AYO] Rose Crown
Doe Hair Chip
{Guapa} Desire Skin EVOX in Dracula
Izzie’s Eyebrows EVOX in Mint
Rainbow Sundae Moon Magick Tattoo
GOREGLAM ‘Tenebrae’ Eyeliners EVOX Tintable
Mana Eclipse Mesh Eyes
RAWR! Coil EVOX Elf Earrings
[Z O O M] Azamiga Septum
CAZIMI Lilith Lipstick in Grey with Black Overlay

Maitreya Mesh Body Lara w/Petite Addon
VELOUR Ipanema Body for Maitreya Slim (Dracula)
Violent Seduction Regicide Dress in Red Latex
Garmonbozia Bono Bangle
RAWR! Siren Nails
Vibing Alice rings in Onyx
Cute Cvlt Poisoned Apple
Violent Seduction Feli Boots

POSE BY BellePoses (Gwen with book prop)

September 30th, 2022 – When September ends…

… one goes and shops at The Fifty! This round doesn’t disappoint with lots of lovely things to grab. I mean, look at the lips on that Glam Affair skin!

The Fifty
[Glam Affair] Alexandra Layer [Lelutka EvoX] Honey A
(Yummy) Macabre Earrings – Web – L
(Yummy) Macabre Earrings -Planchette R
-Pixicat- Hiba Cardigan (Maitreya)
Banana Banshee [LeLutka] – Beth – HUD
Luas Gotika Boots Maitreya Fatpack
(Milk Motion) The corridor

Izzie’s – Basic Tank lilac
friday – Dotty Tights (Heather)
(Yummy) Romy Earring Collection – Lelutka – [Human]
/ HEAD / lel EvoX BRIANNON 3.0
Blueberry – Jimena – Denim Shorts – Maitreya
DMZ – Maitreya Nails – Unicorn Dreams
duckie . frames
hive // pink drink on the go . unicorn . right hold
Magika – Hair – Midnight (Resize)
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3

Weekend Sales September 23-25

Weekend Sales Sept 23-25

Clinging to the last bit of warmth in the northern hemisphere, I enjoyed the scenery at the Main stores of Stiff, Scho and Adam.

G.O.A.T 66 (A new sale, items 66L)
ANDORE Chamomile Earrings

Wasabi Hair Raya Beret Ed. Hair w/ Add On Bangs
DEAD DOLL Swango Dress
DEAD DOLL Swango Sandals

[Glam Affair] Julienne Skin in Fair B
e.marie Isabel Glasses

Orsini Jewelry SARAH Bracelet L & R

::Sequoia:: Ellen eye set EVOX + BOM
Tutti Belli – ‘Good Ones’ Lipstick EVOX + BOM

Lelutka Lilly Mesh Head
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara w/ Petite AddOn
Izzie’s Eyebrows EVOX in Mint
VELOUR Ipanema Body for Maitreya in Icy

POSE BY Secret Poses (Happy Weekend)
Photo Location Stiff, Scho, and Adam Main Stores

September 23rd, 2022 – Waiting for him at the campfire

Soooo many cute things at Fifty Linden Fridays this week!

Fifty Linden Fridays, september 23rd, 2022
Make-up : ALT3 > Art School HD Eye Makeup> HUD B
Lashes : ALT3 > Art School Lash Kit > HUD B2
Flowers : Ariskea[Ambre] Autumn Flowers Bouquet -Sun [Addme]
Shoes : Ingenue :: Queen of the Galaxy Boots [LARA] :: FLF Mix
Hair : Wasabi // Raya Beret Ed. Hair – Size C
Dress : [Aleutia] Peggy Dress – Olive – Maitreya

Skin : [Heaux] Lala – Dark Brows – Sienna *VE
Head : / HEAD / lel EvoX BRIANNON 3.0
Ears : :ANDORE: – ears – HUMAN (f) [L.E.X]
Body : Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3
Banana Banshee eyes (WIP)

Weekend Sales September 16-18

Weekend Sales September 16-18

Hihi everyone! I know, I know I’m getting ahead of the spooky season here but I’m just so excited!! Thanks to a FB post I was able to take a picture in such a nice place too!

7 DAYS 77
pecheresse bloom tattoo (arms edition) BOM

Banana Banshee Hazel Eyes EVOX
Belleza Jasmine EVOX head and body skin
Belleza BOM Makeup in Pink
Doe Hair Lantern Hair

!13ACT Back for more bindi
DeeTaleZ Appliers EVOX HD LIPS glossy Lipstick
Salt and Pepper Linda blouse
Salt and Pepper Lindadirndl Dress
BREATHE Mikio Heels in black

Dark Mouse Cover My Bases SMALL Hoops (75L)

Izzie’s Eyebrows EVOX in Mint
Lelutka Lilly Mesh Head
Maitreya Mesh Body Lara w/Petite Addon
Simply Shelby The Great Pumpkin Staff

POSE BY Pixit (7 DAYS 77)