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I'm Back? I Never Went Away
Ingenue’s Lisette dress comes in more colors than the rainbow. This is melon. I added Izzie’s Sheer Tights, one of the best investments ever.

I am always fascinated by how people think of and describe Second Life. Some people say it’s a game and some say a virtual form of social media. I think of it as a community center with infinite rooms for infinite communities to grow and develop. It’s like yeast, fermenting creativity and community.

I'm Back? I Never Went Away
The boots are from Pure Poison. They are called Moody Blossom and come with a HUD that allows you to choose the color of the embroider, the heel, the foot, and the shank. They could have been boots of many colors but I am boring and went with gold, brown, brown, brown, and brown.

If the name were not already taken by a wonderful project, I would say it is a World Community Grid. Why? Because we care about and take care of each other. More importantly, the people of Second Life do great things when the world needs it, supporting cancer research, buying wigs for kids, stepping up after tragedies, helping organizations after natural disasters. and sometimes, in crunch time, helping out an individual.

I'm Back? I Never Went Away
My lipstick, eyes shadow, and nail polish are all from AlaskaMetro. The Noelle makeup palette and the Ornament nails. The hair is from Dura and the Tabata jewelry set is from Kungler’s.

I have been on the receiving end of the community’s munificence. My slowly dying computer gave up the ghost some months ago. A friend lent me her laptop that let me keep up with most things, but not Second Life. Now, I am back in-world thanks to the generosity of SL and Plurk friends who raised enough money for me to get a new computer. You have no idea how grateful I am, though I confess I have probably whined a lot about making the switch from Mac to Windows. I finally had enough confidence to sign in to SL and take some pictures. Hooray!

Now let me get back to the World Community Grid. Did you know you can let your computer do stuff in the background while you’re doing whatever it is you’re doing? For nearly twenty years, I have been running Seti@Home in the certainty that there is intelligence life all over the universe, though I doubt they have visited or will visit any time soon. Nonetheless, the idea that first contact will be through radio signals makes sense and I have been doing it for ages. For the last six years, though, I have been splitting the time between Seti@Home and the World Community Grid where my computer helps in analyzing data for all sorts of good things. Here is a list of the projects my computer works on while I dither online. If you’re interested, you can do it to.

These are just some of the wonderful projects you can help with your spare processing power.
  • Store info at Blogging Second Life
  • Clothing: Ingenue :: Lisette Dress [LARA] :: Melon
  • Shoes: Pure Poison – MoodyBlossom Boots – Maitreya
  • Jewelry: Kunglers Tabeta Set
  • Skin: Lelutka Glam Affair America
  • Hair: *Dura-Girl*16(Sienna)
  • Poses: Poses Del May
  • Appliers:
  • alaskametro<3 “Noelle” makeup palette – Lelutka HUD
  • alaskametro<3 “Ornament” nail art – Maitreya manicure HUD
  • Izzie’s – Maitreya Lara – Applier Sheer Tights Colors
  • Mesh Attachments:
  • Lelutka Spencer Head, Teeth, & Eyes
  • Maitreya Mesh Body – Bento Hand, Body & Feet, HUD
  • Maitreya Mesh Body – HUD V4.1
  • Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
  • HUDS:
  • AnyPose Expression HUD v1.0 – Wear Me
  • Slink Ankle Lock

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