What I Like—In Remembrance of Amona Savira

material rain

Amona Savira was one of Second Life’s great artists, exploring the potential of SL photography for many years. I have featured her work in my old What I Like columns at Shopping Cart Disco. She has died and many people have responded to her death with art work honoring her memory. This is the last picture she uploaded, that the heavens are weeping seems shockingly appropriate. Grief cannot be critiqued, so I am just going to highlight some of the remembrance photos without comment.


Still See Her by Imani Nayar


Wandering World by Nekonuko


Among by Miles Cantalou

Goodbye AMONA!

Goodbye Amona! by Yana

To Amona (A dedication)

To Amona by Isabella N


Untitled by Jesus Mode


Sad by Kate Bergdof

Adieu Amona

Adieu Amona by French

rest in peace, fly into the blue

Rest in Peace, fly into the blue by polvere di gesso

Good Bye Amona

Goodbye Amona by Mr. S is looking for you

Other excellent remembrances that restrict embedding include:

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