What I Like #2

Love can go to hell in a broken heartbeat minute

I love this photo from Taleah McMahon. It’s title isLove Can Go to Hell in a Broken-hearted Minute” and doesn’t it perfectly convey that mixture of anger, betrayal, and a breaking heart all in a chaotic blend of emotion?

you should see the other guy

“You Should See the Other Guy” from Miss Blackflag is eerie and a bit foreboding. The chairs form converging lines leading to the subject whose small, isolated and in shadow. There is danger here, even though she has survived…so far. The framing of the subject by the furnishing and the light is brilliant.


This photo of Devin, a beautiful Second Life® sim, by Cicciuzzo Gausman uses depth of field and desaturated colors to highlight the forms of nature. Instead of being overwhelmed by verdant colors, we see the serrated treetops, the vertical columnar trunks, the curving rocks, the diagonal docks and the horizontal patterns of the waves. By showing less, Gaus reveals more.

I will wait for you because honestly i don't want anyone else

Please just go to Frenchy’s photostream and get lost for an hour.  It’s impossible to choose just one picture, so go see them all. I picked “I Will Wait for You Because Honestly I Don’t Want Anyone Else” because it is fairly recent. If you follow his work backward, you can see the evolution of his art and his exploration of “deconstructing” his screenshots.

Is A woman

Muccia Klaar’s “Is a Woman” has this painterly feeling thanks to an overlay and with its lighting and colors it feels like something from Degas. The slivers of bright light are the necessary element to bring it to life.

There are so many other deserving photos that you can check out in my Favorites on Flickr.

Photos that do not allow sharing that I like:

  • Mistie Misfit’s You Were Born to Sparkle: This dress inspired several cute photos, this was my favorite.
  • Neveraux’s Black is the New Black is an extraordinary chiaroscuro picture that uses negative space to deepen the feeling of alienation.
  • Mich Michabo has an austere photo on the beach, Untitled has only three elements, grass, an umbrella, and a fence. And it feels like summer.
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