Avatars Against Trump

Just in Case the President Forgets What America Stands For

Due to an undemocratic constitutional defect, the person the American people did not want has assumed the presidency. While he remains in office, we must resist to limit the damage. For some fun virtual resistance, I formed a Flickr® group called Avatars Against Trump. Please consider joining and adding your contributions. It’s a brand new group, but it’s already getting some great contributions.

It is not limited to Second Life®, so people who play other online games with content generated by their users will be able to contribute their screenshots and photos. There is another virtual resistance group on Flickr, the Body Language Challenge inspired by Aria Watson’s first life series of photos.

By the way, I am so proud of Linden Lab™ standing up with integrity and humanity against the immigration ban.

There’s so many things to resist as the regime is wreaking havoc everywhere you look, but folks need to pick their battles and pick their strategies. It is okay if resistance is chaotic and unstructured. It is okay for resistance to be fun. Resistance should be fun! It is about serious threats and is serious business, but when resistance is powered by joy, it lasts longer and is more powerful. Joy is resistance.

There are many groups organizing resistance and you should choose the ones who appeal to you. There are many issues which need resistance, you should choose the ones close to your heart. When resistance is dispersed and decentralized, it is harder to attack and dismantle. Let resistance be surprising, unexpected, spontaneous.

If you want guidance for small daily acts of resistance, there are a few web sites.

The best thing is to find local organizing groups to support. You can do this at Indivisible Guide. This connects you with a new group of like-minded people who can lift you up when you are feeling despair. It will also be more fun to resist in a group. People learn a lot of skills volunteers with community groups and if you’re protesting, you will be out in the fresh air–which we need to enjoy while we have it.

Meanwhile, show some virtual resistance at Avatars Against Trump. If you do a blog post, please add it in comments. (They are working again.)


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