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I read a bit recently of a thread where newer bloggers were talking about how discouraged they were at getting turned down. I know exactly how that is. It’s discouraging when your name doesn’t show up on the list, when you think you’re good enough – or KNOW you’re good enough for XYZ and don’t get chosen.

It happens to ALL of us.

What really gave me pause when a comment that one person made “Person X says they NEVER apply for anything…”. Person X is a veteran well known blogger. The take away was “It doesn’t matter how hard you try, if you aren’t in the IN crowd – you’re out.

I take a little issue with that. So Imma rant.

First of all – yes, there is absolutely a bit of that in the SL fashion world – as there is in EVERY PART OF SOCIETY. We tend to look after our own. We throw projects and opportunities at our friends regularly. So when person X says that they never apply for anything, I can tell you that Person X is speaking from a position of experience and vast social and professional network. I can also tell you that the person worked hard to gain that level of street cred.

However, it’s also incumbent on that person not to throw statements out like that when they are so obviously going to hurt people who are still climbing that ladder of acceptance.

If I am very honest I sometimes am asked to blog things that I didn’t apply for. I say THANK YOU. Sometimes I apply for things and I don’t get chosen. Sometimes I buy things (frequently). Some people I blog for years on end. Some people send me stuff that I forget about and they forgive me. Some people kick me from their blogger group despite me diligently blogging them and loving their work.

I’ve been doing this a LONG ASS TIME. It’s all just PART of the process.

So new blogger girls and boys, take heart. If you love what you do, do it for you. Share it with your friends. Comment on other people’s blogs and tell them you like their work – yes ACTUALLY on the blog. Keep applying for blogger groups. THANK people who send you review items.

And never, never, never refer to a creator who sends you review items as your sponsor.

You’re not a dimestore whore.

Unless that’s how your’e getting your review items, if so, godspeed.

I’m done ranting. Keep it at bloggers.


Gidge is Wearing:

Legwarmers: Fishy Strawberry Odette Legwarmers – High – – Pearl COLLABOR88

Tutu: Fishy Strawberry Odette Tutu – Isis – Pearl COLLABOR88

Skin: Belleza – Callie

Body: -Belleza- Isis

Head: CATWA HEAD Bibi V4.10

Eyes: Banana Banshee

Hair: TRUTH HAIR JoJo [+Chest]

Chair: Half Deer – Collabor88

Ballet Studio: Nomad – The Ballet Academy – Collabor88

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