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No place like home

The Arcade ends tomorrow and if you’re a blogger, you really should drop by Le Primitif’s machine and give it a few pulls because it is a gift to bloggers. There’s a desk, a PC, a phone, a cup of coffee, shelving, boxes of unopened stuff to blog and even a clothing rack full of clothes to blog. The PC that you get shows the time, but I changed the desktop picture to match my own desktop. Here’s a link if you want the picture for your own desktop.

No place like home

At Mutresse, they know cats, coming through with a collection of witty kitties for The Arcade. This arrogant kitty is waiting for me to get off the computer so he can post. Do you think cats don’t post on social media? I have photographic proof.

Oscar the Plurker

No place like home

I dug out the shoe lover’s collection from Garbaggio from an earlier Arcade, bloggers and shoes go together.

No place like home

When I take a break to get some inspiration, I like these hanger chairs from Ariskea that I have out on my porch, looking toward Gidge’s house. They come with poses for couples or singletons.

Items from The Arcade
Ariskea Hanger chair
Le Primitif Blogger’s Office desk, chair, ottoman, Wall Designer shelf, Ready to Blog clothing , pac, mannequin, review packages, charging phone, Blogger PC, standing designer shelf, Kiti cappuccino, Aesthetic Moodboard
Mutresse Witty Cats, Arrogant, Fascinated, Let Me In

Items from Collabor88
Barnesworth Anubis henlopen cottage

Garbaggio, Shelves, shoes Racks, work stools, fabrics, etc., fabric pile, ladders shelf, glitter bottles, fabric lump, rolls of fabric
Le Primitif Modern Bookshelf, Modern Bookshelf 2

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