Like a Peasant? Not Hardly!

Let’s face it, I’m not one for work of any sort. Housework? Oh good grief. But you see Cajsa has gone off on an adventure leaving me alone here on the isles for a few days and I confess I must get some work done. If i don’t it will all pile up and the entire place will be a disaster when she returns from her trip and well, that’s just no good.

I’m not keen on laundry. In fact I’m more of a wear it once and throw it away sort of girl, I confess. However, sheets and things like that must get done so here I am. At least things will be tidy when I am done! Right? And my new ironing board from What Next makes it a BIT more fun, I confess. 

For those of you who shun mesh heads because you don’t want to look like “EVERYONE ELSE” or whatever is your concern, I’d like to call your attention to that maker of unique faces GENESIS LAB who is at Collabor88 this month WITH a new head. I’m a big fan of their work. I don’t wear their heads for my everyday GIDGE look, but they are fun to me to play with and who knows, maybe this new one is you?

They are also offering some lovely MATTE lip tones – just in time for the summer’s trend.

There are several color combinations available and I’m not showing them ALL by any means. The first palette I’m showing is the nudes, very nice job with those – love them.

Some very rich DARK tones are also available in a pack.

There is a pink and red palette that I’m a HUGE fan of on me.

And then the FUNNEST palette (is that a word?) would be the colors.

File them all under YOU NEED THEM.

Now, I’m going to get this work bit done and settle down with a book and my pets. Hope your Thursday is as productive!

Gidge is Wearing:
Body: -Belleza- Isis
Jumpsuit: …Mutresse… Polly Jumpsuit – Belleza Isis Natural COLLABOR88
Earrings: Cae :: Sakura :: Earring (L)
Cae :: Sakura :: Earring (R)
Bracelet: Cae :: Under the Sea :: Bracelet
Hair: Exile::Reveling In You COLLABOR88
Head: Genesis_Head_Antonia_2.0 COLLABOR88
Ironing Board: What Next – Collaobor88
Crazy Cat Condo: Half Deer – COLLABOR88

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