Let’s Talk About That LUXEBOX

I was sleeping soundly in the arms of my luvah Pierre (you don’t know him, he’s from Canada) when I realized OMG IT’S LUXEBOX DAY!!!!!! I jumped out of bed to find out just what was IN this MYSTERY BOX!!??

You had to join prior to today, the LUXEBOX group for 1000 lindens. Today we all received a HUD with 12 items ready to deliver from some of your FAVORITE brands, In addition to that, there are gifts at available at this location. There was also a giftee item in the group notices in addition to the items from this months box. So let’s get to it – shall we?

Tarte’s item is an adorable bed loaded with poses for single, couple and friends. Love the pompoms.

Foxes made adorable shirts for LARA body by Maitreya. The pink top and skirt to the left are the gift items from them, and are avail in different colors  and bodies (very thoughtful).

Mishmish made teacup Pomeranians but I feel like they might not know what size a teacup is. Or, this creator is secretly a giant. Regardless – super cute.

Tee*fy made dresses in lots of cute colors for various bods. Perfect for spring and summer.

I have no idea what I’m doing with my head here, but this dress from Tres Blah is really perfect – I always love her work, though.

The never ending thigh high boots that people in SL are obsessed with seem requisite. These are from Reign – they always make good quality shoes, and these are no exception. If you are into thigh high boots – these would be a score.

Reign’s GIFT to the LUXEBOX is another high quality example of their work – love peep toe pumps. Perfect colors for spring!

This cool cotton shirt from Stories & Co is another perfect spring/summer item. So far – this box is WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN.

This little house from Scarlet Creative is cute outside but inside…

Holy Shit this is pretty. Love it!

The free skybox from Blueberry is really pretty. Speaking of Blueberry…


This top is perfect for jeans or shorts. Perfect fit on my body too. This always makes me happy.

I didn’t have my LARA body on at first so here’s Erratic’s vendor shot – GORGEOUS dress.

Magika is in the box with gorgeous summer hair – and a cute set of colors for fun.

I always love Sabina’s work. She’s amazing.

That brings me to the only thing in this box I don’t love.

I am so far out of the game of having to size hair that I was confused that this didn’t fit. Perhaps it fits regular, nonmesh heads. Perhaps it fits a mesh head I don’t own. It’s a bitch getting it sorted on Lelutka and I don’t have patience for it. The pluses are that the blonde is GORGEOUS and the style is really cute, so I can’t call it bad quality for any reason. I’m just saying I can’t be bothered with things I have to fit in 2016. If you can, you might love this.

I probably forgot something or someone but hey, it’s early on a Sunday and I’m sleepy.

We’ll have to rejoin and pay again for the next months’ box but I’d call this WORTH EVER PENNY. The price will probably go up, and that’s ok too. It was CLEARLY worth a lot more than the 100L

Way to go Luxebox. You rocked this!

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