We Are All Just Walking Each Other Home: For Bubbles

There are so many realizations that come along as you are part of the end of someone’s journey. You realize that there really is a time to die. You suddenly realize someone NEEDS to die. Then you hate yourself for that thought. You don’t want that. The conflict is human and it’s desperately inescapable. It’s a terrible place, the last steps to home. It’s also a sacred place, and if you can be there for someone, it’s the last and most precious gift you can give them.

Bubble’s mom is struggling with ALS and that burden is heavy. It is something that is happening to both of them. I just walked the path of fast progressing fatal disease with both of my parents, the road is hard and unforgiving.

Support in these times comes in different flavors and everyone needs something different. For me I found distraction in The Arcade, oddly, finding that the rares that fell from the sky were some sort of universal equilibrium being granted. “Here, your parents will be dead soon – have this THING you covet.”

It didn’t help – but it did. It made no sense, but it did.

This inescapable walk that Bubbles is now on isn’t one I’d wish on anyone. But I can say for certain that once it’s over, you’ll treasure all your days. Both the ones you HAD, and the ones to come mean so much more. You’ll find new meaning in being, just BEING.

You’ll find yourself so much stronger – you’ll be amazed at what cannot break you now.

Bubbles Clawtooth makes our second lives just a little prettier, a little more whimsical when he’s around.  I cannot fix the days ahead for him, but I can show my support in this silly way that is truly from my heart.

I wish you strength, and love, and above all I wish you peace as you walk these days with your mother. It won’t be easy. But nothing worth doing ever is.

Hair: Clawtooth

Skin: League

Head: Lelukta

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