What’s Your Runway Like?

Everyone has a different runway of emotions. It’s how long it takes you to break, to change course, to stop whatever it is you’re investing in. That friend whom you question “how long is she going to put up with that?” is still on her runway. She isn’t out of space yet. I think all emotions have them in some way or another, and how we react when we get to the end of that runway is another thing all together.

Some people crash and the fireball is amazing. We’ve all been there, seen the smoke, the flames, the rage at the end of an emotional event and we’ve probably been sorry to spectate. Perhaps we’ve just been glad it wasn’t us, going up in fire and pain.

There is another option though. You can take off. You can fly. You have to do it before the end of the runway. At the end, when you have nothing left, you will crash because that’s how it works. You have to see the end of your own runway, and get your nose up, pull up your feet – and fly.

You won’t be sorry. Flying is liberating. You’re free. You ran your runway, you know that only fire, pain and smoke live at the end of it.  Just take off and go intact, soar above and leave it on the ground.

My runways area always long, too long. But when I fly, I take off silently.

Never be afraid to soar. I’m worth it, and so are you.

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(Yummy) True Fate Ring – Gold – Opal
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Rug: Cheeky Pea
Coffee Service: Tres Blah previous Arcade
Wall Art: Cheeky Pea and Lark

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