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Everyone knows about sea serpents, but long ago, somewhere in the history books, knowledge of lake serpents got lost. Maybe it was those few pages that got ripped out, to be used as kindling for the fire. Or, heaven forbid, someone got creative when in the loo.

There also seems to be an utter lack of information on the fact that, when needed, serpents can actually shift into humanoid form, to preform certain tasks.

Even when grown to gargantuan proportions, depending on the body of water they live in, lake serpents are still rather slim. They have large hornlike protrusions, which allow them to forage for food at the bottoms of lake beds. They shuffle these back and forth, either hoping to scare something out, or finding a tasty root of a plant.

They are attracted to shiny things, much like their much larger cousins, the dragons. They will collect their treasures, but since they are more mobile, they don’t have stationary hoards. They instead opt to adorn themselves with their finds, wrapping them with weeds, fishing line, abandoned ropes, or other such bindings.

Their colourations aren’t always about camouflage, often times they are rather brightly coloured. This is due to the magical elements they are able to call, and sometimes even affected by the time of the year and time of day they were hatched.

Since they share the waters with Humans, often times close by villages and towns will worship the lake serpents, not knowing what they truly are, but just that they are there. Festivals are often held, and tributes brought to the lakes.

With this comes an obligation to the people, and that is where the need for a magical shape shift might come into play. Sometimes there are things that a lake serpent just can not help with, to keep the community safe and happy. They are stuck in the water after all. The transformation is not something they can do often, as it takes a great deal of power and energy. It can also leave them rather weak, after the return to their true forms. They tend to over analyze the decision to even shift to begin with, which is why it doesn’t happen often.No Lake serpent wants to be caught in a weakened state, by a possible enemy.

When the change does occur, it is a beautiful thing. They keep their sex, colourations, horns and trinkets, all condensing down into a single humanoid bundle. They often carry an aura of the magic they harness, whirling around them.

If you ever happen upon one, be kind, and let them about their business, it is obviously very important. If you really must bother them, maybe ask if they need help, they are not well educated in our human ways.
Helena Stringer - IOF - Lake Serpent - 2
I recently purchased my first mesh body for a normal human(I have others, they are humanoid, but I could not pass as a regular human with them). The Slink Physique is the one that I felt suited my needs the most. I have never aspired to be curvy in SL, and prefer to keep slight and toned. I do admit, I need to work on my shape a little for it, my arms are just a bit twiggy, haha.

With Slink converting over to the Omega system, and the introduction of the Slink Male Mesh Body, Soul has recently created an Omega release for their Male and Female Skins. I am not often human toned, unless I am blogging, but even then, if I can be some sort of Crayon, I will opt to be. Soul has a full range of Human Tones, Drow/Elven Tones and Fantasy Tones. I am wearing the Aqua here, which I paired with the Davina Skin and Anya Kissers in Vampire. While I prefer the shape of the Cupid’s Bow Kissers more, its always fun trying something new every once in a while, and I seriously advocate the Kissers as a well made Mesh Mouth. They are the simplest to mod to fit your face, and not get all out of shape in the process. Takes me 5 minutes each time I get a new one, can’t say it is as easy with other mouths.

Soul also has change the placement of their store on their sim, and to celebrate the new location/move/update store build/layout/whatever, they are having a big sale. Items around the store are set to 25% to 50% off.

I wanted to show off the body and skin, so ya, I did what the girls here do, and wore some fancy lingerie. Not my usual blogging attire, but I can say it was rather fun. Took forever to figure out how to get the default unties off my body tho, haha. This Bra and Pantie set is from Glitzz. They make many traditional pieces, but I liked this one, because it was more fantasy-like.

Helena Stringer - IOF - Lake Serpent - 3So many things to talk about, but I have already rambled forever on this post. I am good at that, haha.

ColeMarie Soleil is a talented artist in sl. She has done many things over the years, but her most recent ventures find her elbows deep in particles. She makes the unique pieces to add to your avatar, which them particle, poof, swirl, skywrite, and all sorts of other things, as you walk about in SL. I am currently wearing a set called Water Faerie Breath, which sprouts out all these little splots you see in my shots.

The Cosmetics Fair ends today, and Nox has a really interesting series there currently. It is a makeup set based off of the 7 Deadly Sins. Nox supports Kisser lips, with most of their products, so they are one of the few places I shops for makeups right now. They also still support tattoo layers, and since I only wear mesh heads for special things, I am grateful for that.  TP in down to the Cosmetics Fair, and find your sin.

CreditsYou can find Store Links HERE or by Ingame Search

Hair – The Stringer Mausoleum – Morning Hunt in Darkheart – Only available on SL Marketplace
Hairbase – Amacci – Hairbase Tattoo 2 in Black Coal
Skin – Soul – Davina Skin in Aqua Tone/Toned Body – 25% off @ *NEW* Mainstore
Mesh Body – Slink – Slink Physique
Body Applier – Soul – Gen1 Female Aqua (F2) Body Applier – 25% off @ *NEW* Mainstore
Eyes – S0NG – Gata Eyes in Galaxy – *NEW* @ Cosmetics Fair until Sept. 30th
Lashes – Lumae – Longer Eyelashes
Mesh Mouth – Soul – Kissers in Anya Shape/Vampire – *NEW* @ We <3 Roleplay until Sept. 30th
Makeup & Lip Applier – Nox – Deadly Sins Sloth – *NEW* @ Cosmetics Fair until Sept. 30th
Hands – Slink – Elegant Pose
Nail Applier – La Boheme – Bacchus Nails
Tattoo 1(Forehead) – Nox – Dotwork Tattoo 3- *NEW* @ Cosmetics Fair until Sept. 30th
Tattoo 2(Arms) – Endless Pain Tattoos – Flula Sleeves
Bra Applier & Mesh Panties – Glitzz – Zaia Set in Black
Horns & Matching Jewelry – Plastik – Camael Set in Argon
Scarab Necklace – Spyralle – Scarab of Eternity Necklace in Cool Colours – *NEW* @ Genre
Cuffs – Plastik – Fyrianne Cuffs in Noir
Tail – Lemon Tea – Drakodaimonen Tail
Particle Attachments – Cole’s Corner – Water Faerie Breath Set – *NEW* @ Mainstore

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