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Damselfly Marnie_001

Damselfly Marnie hair and Azuchi Suma dress

If you have been following this blog lately, you know that Hair Fair happened and while it was happening, I have been publishing interviews with Hair Fair designers. I got a notecard back from one on Sunday. It was from Shyla Honey of Damselfly and began with an apology because she had been out of town for two weeks and wanted me to know she had not been ignoring my notecard queries. I didn’t read the rest because I was in a bit of hurry.

I popped over to Hair Fair to buy the two of her Hair Fair releases I had not already purchased and pick up the gifts and shot my pictures of all her hairs. Then I opened the notecard back up and realized that the note was all she sent, reasonably assuming since Hair Fair was ending, I would not continue the interviews. Oh well, at least I have all the pictures.

I decided to wear this dress from Azuchi because it has that  huge ruffle across the bodice that normally conflicts with hair and Damselfly hair is often long and curly and exactly the sort of hair likely to cause problems with a bodice ruffle. Not that I was looking for trouble, but I chose it because a few design decisions were made that address that problem well. You will note that you get the full ruffle, it has gathers in it and makes the bold design statement, but it is crafted to lay close to the bodice, avoiding conflicts. It’s a bit of trompe l’oeil and it works well.

Damselfly Cole_001


I popped on over to It Starts With a Smile and snapped some pictures by the fruit stand and picked up some raspberries. I had raspberries with chèvre for dessert last night and they were delicious.

Damselfly Cole_004



So this is Cole, a hair and hat combination with HUDs to change the colors of the hair, the hat and ribbon. It was Damselfly’s gift for men at Hair Fair. Who cares if it’s for men? It is cute and I like it.

Damselfly Cole_003



These sandals are from Pure Poison and were in my inventory storage. I remembered them from last year and digging them out, they were just as perfect as I remembered.
Damselfly Aria_002


Damselfly had this great undo for woman called Aria. I think she used a BumpIt. The earrings and necklace are Recife from Kunglers. I used the touch script to resize it about 20% because it was designed to go much further down the chest, bringing it down to the ruffled edge. Though it did not intersect, I wanted it shorter.
Damselfly Juniper_001

This new League Luna applier for Lelutka mesh heads is epic. Nena Janus also made an applier to add moles and beauty marks which I pulled out. For the body, I used the League applier hen I added PXL’s all body freckle applier. This is Damselfly’s Juniper. I am adding a slideshow of the pictures of al the hairs below.

Store info at Blogging Second Life
Poses: oOo Studio
HUDS: PoseAnywhere
Anypose Expression HUD
Slink Ankle Lock
Skin: League Luna Pale
Mesh Attachments: .LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA v1.1
Slink Hands, Feet and Body
Appliers: League Luna Applier for Lelutka Mesh Head
La Boheme Wave applier (nails)
Eyes: Aphotic Gloom – Aquilius Eyes (Hazel)
Hair: Damselfly for Hair Fair
Clothing: [Azuchi] *Suma* Dress Slink Tropical
Shoes: Pure Poison – Sea Horse Sandals – Gold
Jewelry: (Kunglers Extra) Recife red coral
Location: Tramonto – It All Starts With a Smile

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