Livin’ In A Bloggers Paradise…

Bloggers are notoriously messy creatures. Catch us outside the pages of our blogs and we’ve got on pieces of six outfits and no alpha layers. It’s true. No shoes, mismatched earrings, no hands – this is how we run around the grid, stopping to catch perfect moments only when we’re shooting.

It’s sort of hilarious.

Our bedrooms, if decorated realistically, would be no different.

Tres Blah and ERRATIC have caught my fancy this round as you might have noticed. Round after round I’m enamored of them though so this isn’t new. I don’t have all the pieces in the collections but by GOD i have a lot of them. I want the bed. I NEED THE BED. Alas it might fail at this object.

You might ask yourself, ‘Self, I wonder how many cups of coffee with a sweet does Gidge need?’. The answer would be ALL OF THEM. Because they are calorie free and lovely in SL. Thus, I must have them near me at all times.

Books and magazines litter my own bedside in RL. I should read some of them. Pixel Gidge should too. She’s been so distracted lately.

After I eat my meal and read about this PLURK drama. Drama on plurk? SHOCKING! JUST SHOCKING!
Decor items from THE ARCADE JUNE 2015
Featuring Items from
Vanity from Cheeky Pea
Bed from Apple Fall

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