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I often get comments when I go out, that certain thing I wear seem “out of character”. I’m aware that over the years, I have set a certain persona for my avatar. There are many things that I enjoy in the fashion world, and sometimes these things don’t work with my more dark, supernatural, magical tastes.

That does not mean I choose to stay away from them. I often embrace them, and get a kick out of confusing people, haha.

I do have a love for historical fashion, as well as things considered retro. Genre this round is Rockabilly, mixing the love of the old with something a little bit playful and feisty.

Helena Stringer - IOF - Rock me Gently - 2

Sad Harlequin is a store that has participated in Genre for a while now. I don’t often hear about them out on the grid, maybe due to being in the wrong circles. Chances are some of you have not heard of them either.

Sad Harlequin carries mostly Accessories and Jewelry. Collars, Head Adornments, Bracers, Jewelry sets, are just a few of the things you will find.

The headband I am wearing is one of their new creations, currently at Genre. You can get various patterns and metals in the offered packages. As always with Genre, the event has a L$100 price cap, so come get these unique headbands while there is still time to nab them at a discounted price. You can be sure with this quality, the price will be hiked up, once they hit the mainstore.

Poses I am using are from Pretense, created by It’s only Fashion’s very own Gidge Uriza. I have always felt the best poses are made by Bloggers. They understand where hands should be, or what looks awkward when craning you neck. They understand the trials of a poofy dress.

The poses used in the post are both from a pose pack which was just released, called Lissome.

Credits – You can find Store Links HERE or by Ingame Search

Hair – The Stringer Mausoleum – Clara Bow in Darknight
Skin – Flounce – Sera Skin in Lace Tone/Rockabilly Makeup – *NEW* @ Genre
Hands – Slink – Gesture Pose
Nail Appliers – Bliensen + MaiTai – Cherries Polish – *NEW* @ Genre
Tattoo – Adored – Doghouse Rose Tattoo Chest/Fresh Red – *NEW* @ Genre
Dress – Cosette – Dolly in Red – *NEW* @ Genre
Headband – Sad Harlequin – “Sing to Me” headband in Black Metal/Striped Pattern – *NEW* @ Genre
Sun Glasses – BluPrintz – Cat Eye Shades with Rhinestones – *NEW* @ Genre

Poses by Pretense – Lissome Pose Pack

TP to Genre

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2 thoughts on “Rock me Gently

  1. Ever Afterr

    That headband is so much fun! I love retro fashion, will definitely have to check this event out.

    Also thank you for the nostalgia trip: any time I see SL photos with 50s style outfits, it always makes me think of Artilleri. I was sad to see that Antonia has retired, but glad that other awesome designers are taking up the mantle! 🙂

  2. Helena Stringer Post author

    I thought it was too, and was worth a shout out for the store.

    I really do love these styles as well. I use to frequent both Artilleri and Ivalde, when I didn’t want to have my tentacles on.

    There are some nice shops out there, designing in a similar feel. Maybe not all their items, but a good chunk of the stock.

    I’ll try to remember to share more, I am always surprised at the feedback I get when I become more “human”, haha.

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