Shooz Nooz: 21 Shoe for February Edition

“A Shoe has so much more to offer than just to walk.”
~ Christian Louboutin

We are poised at the threshold of another round of 21Shoe and this round has a lot to offer for different tastes. My first set (above) is from Livalle (formerly L.Warwick). You can pop over and pick both of them up here for one low price.

Ingenue has re-imagined her Danja oxfords just for this even with exclusive color/print combos. These are a wardrobe staple. You can grab both patters (which come with HUDS for color changes) HERE. 

YS & YS have two pumps that are quite different but both are unique – they both put me in the mind of the sixties.  I’m shopping for dresses for both of these in my mind right now. You can grab them HERE.

Pure Poison has two really diverse shoes – a heel and a flat which I always love to see.

I am thinking they are something for Saturday DAY and something for Saturday NIGHT. You can hop over HERE to grab them.

The House of Rain Dagger Boots are aptly named. You can pick them up in red and grey and stab people with your heel at will.  You can grab them at this location.

Sax Shepherd Designs has a leather or lame shoe that has the ever awesome hud which makes the shoe super customize-able.

I went pastel. You can grab them here.

You can see the entire 21Shoe Catalogue HERE and remember, these prices are good ONLY for ONE DAY February 21 !! These shoes are only available tomorrow, they won’t be released again!

Have fun shoe shopping girls!

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