Resolutions and Regrets



I have not made any New Year’s resolutions this year. I did not last year or the year before or any year that I can remember. It has never been part of our family tradition. Our family New Year’s was a day of family gathered together for feasting and fun. New Year’s Eve was never a drunkfest either. Instead, it was a day of housecleaning and food preparation. I have cleaned the over on New Year’s more times than I can count. It all comes from this idea of starting the year as you mean to go on − with a clean house and plenty of food and family to share it with. Of course, my family always served lutefisk for New Year’s dinner and that was most definitely not how I meant to go on.

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I asked on plurk if folks had regrets from 2014. Many people said they did not have any which is great for them. What I thought was most interesting is that several folks said they regretted that did not do something sooner. That means they did something that made things better for themselves and only wish they had done it earlier. That means that even their regrets come from a better place. I like those regrets. Actually, that is my big regret for the year. I wish i had put my cat Oscar on Xanax earlier, the first time the vet suggested it. I would have have saved a lot on laundry.



I suppose there are things that I should regret, but I do not. I lost a few casual friends, but found others. I do not consider every person on my timeline a friend, so a loss here or there does not bother me. I figure that if everyone thinks I am great, there must be something wrong. Either I am being inauthentic or they are lying. Aristotle said a friend to all is a friend to none. Who am I to disagree with Aristotle?



So, I go into 2015 expecting more of the same, I guess. I will still be an opinionated person who won’t hide my opinions to make people happy. I will still take lots of photos for my blog posts even though now I cannot save them to disk and have to upload them directly to Flickr. I will still keep DJ’ing at The Velvet and blogging at It’s Only Fashion and hanging out with Gidge whenever I can.



The worst thing that happened to me last year was my sister getting cancer – and she is having a terrible time with chemo, but she is alive and so that is the best thing, too. That she made it through surgery and is working her way through chemo and looking forward to a better 2015. And really, that’s what we all want, isn’t it? To make it through the year and to hope for better and brighter times  ahead.

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