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Misogynist bullshit from TIME magazine’s annual ban-a-word poll.

I was feeling fiercely angry after learning that TIME included feminist on a list of words to be banned from common usage. I will not provide the link because they did it for traffic and they should not be rewarded for their indecency.

And it is indecent. For clicks, shits and giggles, a human gerbil desperately spinning for male approval and working far above her competency suggested that feminist is overused and included it in a list of words that should be banned. Responding to richly deserved backlash, she demanded we consider the context; she is critiquing media trends, not feminism. This is doubly shameless when she blithely ignores the context in which the “I am a Feminist” campaign came to be. I am sure she is proud of herself, though, because she is the kind of feckless  crystallization of vapidity that always will be very, very, very proud of itself.

I am not going to rehash GamerGate or the War on Women or review the depressingly long list of women whom retrograde knuckle-walkers have tried to silence with rape and death threats. I am not going to list the long list of anti-women legislation proposed and passed. I will only sadly mention that 36% of Oregon voters voted that women should not have the same legal and civil rights as men. It is all sad and depressing, but, Katy Steinmetz, that is context.

Feminism is controversial because as women have become more economically independent and achieved a measure of parity in society, they are less susceptible to social and economic extortion to remain in bad relationships. Is a good relationship possible with a man who thinks women are second class citizens? That, Katy Steinmetz, is context.

Of course, Katy Steinmetz is not that important and she never will be. Though I imagine someday she will realize that she is paid significantly less than men in her same position – notoriously common in journalism. She may be angry, she might want to express that anger with a word. I wonder what word she will use?


So what does a fiercely angry feminist wear when dressing to eviscerate gender traitors? Why pixel fur, of course! Peqe released a fur gown for Cirque de Seraphim that is made for ripping the metaphorical limbs off literal twits. It comes in black, brown and white. This is the white one – a silvery-gray as rich in color and texture as that article was poor in execution. The first one to say fashion is not feminist is the first one my new claw gloves will practice on. That is the kind of shallow understanding of feminism that elicits inane ideas like this poll. Fashion is one way women express themselves and express their power. That is feminist.


I am not fond on strapless dresses and always look for ways to give it more than bare shoulders. So I added the vintage collar from Maitreya and spiky shoulder furs from Gizza. One is white, the other black and they come from different outfits, but they work together well. Of course, no one is going to come crying on those shoulders and that’s okay.


I also added claw gloves from Baiastice for this month’s Uber. This are definitely made for evisceration. They must be worn with care. You cold poke an eye out. The jewelry was just recently released from Zaara for Collabor88 and is just perfect. Even better, Zaara made two versions of the long necklace. I am wearing the regular one, but there is also one for the more richly-endowed.


My skin is a brand new release from Tzal named Aya. I first encountered Tzal skins at Skin Fair and this new release reminded me why I liked the skin. I must point out that at this time the skin does not come with Slink appliers, but I hope that she will get right on that. I sent her a message with a link to the Slink website, encouraging her to make appliers. The skin comes in several shades, including two fairer than this one and many shades darker. I love the peachy undertone. Update: I have heard back from Abigail Bouevier, the TZAL creator, and she confirmed that she will be adding Slink appliers shortly. 

The crown is from MiaMai for We ♥ Role Play. There are also metallic wings and a breast plate that coordinate and all have HUDs for maximum customization. There is nothing more fierce that a crown that seems to have eyes of its own.
Store info at Blogging Second Life
Poses: Di’s Opera
Skin: -TZAL- AYA 7P red/NC by Abigail Bouevier
Tattoos: -TZAL- AYA Eyes Winged Liner
-TZAL- Aya FW Lips Glossy Brown
Eyes: [UMEBOSHI] Eon eyes light Green (med)
Lashes: Mon Cheri *MC* “Falsies” Eyelash – Upper
Hair: .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ Hair Base ~ Red VI
Miamai_MetalWarQueenBug Crown_WLRP (We Love Role Play)
Clothing: Peqe – Empire Gown White (Cirque de Seraphim)
Baiastice_Long gloves with claws-grey- (Uber)
GizzA – Mila Gown [Cream] Shoulder fur
GizzA – Spiky Fur [Black] Size M
Maitreya Vintage Collar – Black M
Zaara : Banjara kada bracelets *regular* (Collabor88)
Zaara : Banjara kada bracelets *stacked* (Collabor88)
Zaara : Banjara kada bracelets *wrist* (Collabor88)
Zaara : Banjara silver hasli necklace (Collabor88)
Zaara : Banjara silver talisman necklace (Collabor88)
Location: Land of the Lycans

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