It’s Only Art #2

It's Only Art

There are amazing photos that I did not include in the post, but you can see them in the gallery linked at the end of the post. Each week the gallery for the week will include my favorite fifty. Through the Flowers

I am in love with this picture from Leica Arado called Through the Flowers. It reminds me of a Mary Cassatt painting with the lovely blue-greens and the soft impressions of flowers, flashes of sunlight on the water and the romantic mood. There are two interesting elements to the composition of this photo I want to highlight. The first is quite obvious – the placement of the boat one-third from the left and one-third from the top, following the rule of thirds in the composition. The background also nicely divides into thirds, the upper bank, the river and the lower bank. triangle The picture also forms geometric shapes such as the rectangles of the upper banks, the river and the lower bank. but the most striking the triangle formed by the clusters of red flowers in the corners as illustrated here.

Todo esta aqui

Todo está aquí by ARnnO PLAneR is a great piece. His work is always exciting, individualistic and striking. I love the bold use of color and red and green are complementary colors. The crop is close and adds drama and urgency to the picture. I love the many curves, the bright curve of the piercings, the dark curves of the shadowed planes of his cheekbones, and the electric green curve of the frames.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 5.27.32 PMNotice two those two flashes of light (perhaps from street lamps), they give context and dimension to the picture. It’s not flat, there’s something in the background – two lights, one farther away. From such simplicity, the picture now has a place – not just face.  Now look at this copy where I erased those flashes of green. The picture is flat, deadened by lack of dimension.It has lost it evocative power. The magic of art can sometimes be found in the simplest details.

I Love You But When The Zombies Come, I'm Tripping You

Gia Nikai Juliesse is a dramatic storyteller in “I Love You But When the Zombies Come, I’m Tripping You.” I love pictures that tell a story and this one surely does. What is even more exciting though is how she almost seem to be coming out of the picture with arm reaching desperately forward, her legs running frantically. It’s an exaggerated, comic run and includes a dramatic face filled with fear. I really love this I love, too, how the light falls, highlighting her face and her leg.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer, Skippy Beresford. This reminds me a bit of the illustration from The Little Prince, though our little prince is in a boat and not on an asteroid. There’s just enough light to reveal the salient details, the outstretched arm, the boat, the boy’s hopeful, enchanted face. It’s a fairy tale picture.

l'Arc-en-Ciel 3 tractor

L’Arc en Ciel 3 Tractor by Kari Velvetleaf appeals to my nostalgia for rural living and love of the fall. The composition has blue and yellow and red with green, two sets of complementary colors. It follows the rule of thirds with the placement of the tractor and then there is the subtle but very present ess curve that leads us into the picture. The lighting, the shadows and composition all give it a very painterly effect.

It's Only Art #2 Gallery featuring my 50 favorites this week.

It’s Only Art #2 Gallery featuring my 50 favorites this week.

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