Things Go Awry



Lately I have been having more trouble shooting on location than usual, but I really wanted to get off my platform, so I hopped over to Sky Neist Point and found this little beach and took a few snaps. I was dressed for wandering with this lovely linen dress with embroidery from Gizza. The jacket is attached to the dress and has a HUD giving three color options for the jacket. The dress comes in six options, this Boho style in pink, blue or creme,  gingham and a floral print.



For some reason my shadows disappeared, not all shadows, just the shadows of me. What’s funny is that when I first move into position, I can see the shadow, then after a few seconds, it disappears, too fast for me to snap the pic before it’s gone. Still, I snapped this so you can see the gorgeous sandals from Lacuna.



The skin is a gorgeous skin from Glam Affair called Kallisto. The jewelry is an old set from EArthStones and the hair is a brand new release from Truth called Devinna. So, after my shadows disappeared, I notched the color of the beads did, too, or at least the organic and teal beads – they turned white. I was only able to get the colors back by turning off Advanced Graphics. I asked about this on plurk and learned its about how, before materials, folks would get shine in a way that now, with materials, makes the texture not show. Anyway, if you can mod, I guess you can tint the shine and fix it, but this is no mod, so I just took down the graphics a notch -after all, my shadows weren’t working anyway.

Poses: oOo Studio
Skin: Glam Affair Kallisto
Eyes: Umeboshi
Mesh Attachments: Physique, hands and feet
Nails: FLAIR
Hair: Truth Devinna
Dress/Jacket Combo: Gizza
Shoes: Lacuna
Jewelry: EArthStones Grateful Set

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