I Suppose I Should Read the Instructions


So when Siddean Munro released the new Slink Physique mesh body, I rushed to message PXL Creation’s Hart Larsson to urge him to make appliers as soon as possible. Since he just released a new skin, I was hopeful. Sure enough, the new appliers have been released. Best of all, they will apply his skins to the body, hands and feet, so there’s no need for triple HUDDing to change skins.  I eagerly put them on and then pushed the buttons and
Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 12.09.51 AM  nothing happened. I sent an panicky IM to Hart – “It does’t work!” He said do this, do that, take off this, put on that and I think he was beginning to freak out, too, when all of a sudden I pressed the special breast customization buttons and there it was. I was doing it wrong! It worked perfectly from the beginning, but I was not pressing the right buttons. So, to make it work, press the silver buttons that select small or natural breasts and freckled small or natural breasts. That big circle in the center is just there to show you the skin tone.  So now you know!


Of course, just about everyone who loves skins is eagerly waiting for their favorite skinners to release appliers for Slink Physique and this picture shows you why. With no editing you see smooth elbows and knees and beautiful shoulders. Those of us who shift from pose to pose to pose to pose to find one without to much torsion so the avatar doesn’t “break”, this is a wonder to behold.


And just to show you what an annoying person I can be, I then decided that I would wear the gorgeous new lingerie from Adam n Eve – applier lingerie made to work with the Physique body. And of course, it didn’t work and of course, I IM’ed Sachi Vixen and asked “Am I supposed to press the silver buttons?” And of course, it’s because I did not read the directions for the Physique mesh body well enough. I needed to turn the underwear layer on with the Slink Clothing and Alpha HUD before applying the lingerie. So, you see everything worked perfectly and I am annoying.


PXL’s MIA skin is adorable – a new mini-release for Rhapsody. The hair is the luscious Akane from Argrace that comes with 5 poses. You can see more poses in these pictures on Flickr. I love these pose hairs from Argrace, they are so sexy and romantic.

Store info at Blogging Second Life
Poses: Argrace Akane Poses
Skin: [PXL] MIA Jazz NAT ~ Makeup 03 REB C2 & PXL Applier for Physique
Eyes: [UMEBOSHI] Eon eyes light Green (med)
Mesh attachments:
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – XSmall L
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Relaxed – XSmall R
Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) XS – Flat
Slink Physique Mesh Figure V1
Mani Pedi: FLAIR mani applier
Hair: *ARGRACE* Akane – Russet
Clothing: Adam n Eve Posy Citrus Lingerie Physique Applier

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I really should read the directions!
Dolly Baroque(LOL) I did the same thing trying to put on an underwear applier!
Faeryfox(Beth)It wasn't an issue for me, BUT I've a decent bit of experience now with body parts and appliers - both in using appliers and making them. And yes, the body is awesomesauce.
Faeryfox(Beth)And so is the ability to make one applier do all the slink body parts at once.
Galanow for the question i've been asking all over......
Galawouldn't it be easy for mesh clothing designers to update their CURRENT clothing with a hud for physique that just had an alpha on one of the layers?
Galathey already have the UUID for the alpha texture... its really easy to make an applier .....
Faeryfox(Beth)I'm curious now - I'll have to try it once I'm home with my computer.
Galaif i could get someone to send me a new authorisation script i'd do it..... but no one has responded to my requests - I want to put my tattoo's on my bod!

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