Tres Not Blah

I was having my morning coffee with Gogo and we were talking about our MUST HAVE list from THE ARCADE this round. Nearly at the same time, we said “Tres Blah”.

What is it about the nicknacks from Tres Blah that inspire frenzy in some of us? The dainty cuteness? I don’t even know, but I do know that there hasn’t been a round that I didn’t get AT LEAST some of the pieces to her sets. I’m mixing an matching stuff from the new COTTAGE DU JOUR with older pieces, as she is thoughtful enough to coordinate them gently.

The Arcade opens tomorrow, and I’m on the hunt for her rares now.

What are you looking forward to this round of The Arcade?

All furnishings: Tres Blah for THE ARCADE

Settee, table, phone, daisies, fireplace, bonjour sign – avail THIS ROUND !

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