Whirled Peas Now!

Unia, why are all the cows dead‏

Unia, why are all the cows dead by cold frog

I love word play and every time I see the bumper sticker demanding “Whirled Peas Now!” I crack up. In our Second Life “whirled” we are lucky enough to have the fabulous efforts of a group of scripters, builders and other assorted geniuses from MadPea Productions who produce interactive adventures and games with stunning artistry. That folks in Second Life love and enjoy their work is evidenced by a simple search for MadPea on Flickr.

And now, they need our help.

Unia, The scene built by Rebeca Bashly

Unia, the scene built by Rebeca Bashly by cold frog

For an entire year, they have been working to create a groundbreaking new immersive game in SL called Unia. It will fill two sims and incorporate all the advances in scripting to make it easier to forget that first life around you and sink into the adventure fully. I checked out a few bits while writing an article on it for AVENUE and can affirm that you have not seen anything like it.

However with two sims to pay for and the incredible investment of time, they are finding it hard to keep up on the tier, especially after having lost their sponsor. They do not qualify for Linden Endowment for the Arts because they are making games – no matter how incredibly artistic their sims. So, they are asking the Second Life community to show their support for great innovate sims – and I think we all want to do what we can. They have a GoFundMe site where you can donate to support the work.

morning rain at Mad City - Somewhere in sl 629 (Mad City by MadPea Productions, Da Vinci Isle (173, 178, 28))

morning rain at Mad City by WuWai Chun

They are losing Da Vinci Isle where Mad City is located at the end of May, so they will not be able to hold fundraising events there, making contributions even more critical.

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