The Most Important Top On The Grid

My entire outfit was planned around this bandeau from Tres Blah which is new for Collabor88. The colors offered are gorgeous and subtle, and this is a perfect wardrobe pick up because it’s a summer staple. It can go under blazers, and with long swishy skirts. You can dress it up or down and it’s a perfect compliment to our never ending beach party than is Second Life. Well, some of us anyway.

There were also shoes, and tights, but that doesn’t matter now. ALL that matters is this top. You see, I started with the top. I built everything around the top. The top was my focus.

Then the top became my obsession.

You see my good computer is frelled and I’m on a machine that’s probably about 7 years old. This computer has caused me to reflect upon my blogging, my Second Life and what I feel about it.

Because this machine has made me define whether or not I really WANT it.

I started trying to shoot this outfit some five days ago. FIVE DAYS AGO. The first thing that happened was some rebaking issues. I couldn’t force a rebake. Then I kept crashing over and over and over. I moved to a new viewer and found some solace until I realized I couldn’t shoot LARGE photos. I got those damnable lines. In fact, I got them to such a degree that it was nearly comic.

Every day I sat down and tried something DIFFERENT. I wanted to show the tights. I wanted to show the shoes. I have on a lovely manicure. And every day I’d run out of time and walk back away and into the RL. I walked away for a full day, deciding I wasn’t going to get to blog until I got my machine back. I was going to miss some commitments but it’s not like this is intentional, I told myself. This is a hobby, I should enjoy this. And for five days I didn’t enjoy it, I was mad because it wasn’t happening.

Yesterday I saw down one more time, took up the resolution a BIT but noy where I would like it, centered myself on the frame and SHOT.

It took.

I hopped out of SL to edit.

I couldn’t edit. My computer freaked out when I tried to edit in picmonkey. I couldn’t edt in aviary.

I sat and considered this. I can only shoot what I think isn’t a high enough resolution and I can’t edit. I have to shoot my pics exactly as I intend to post them without so much as a crop.

Challenge accepted.

And thats how a simple bandeau top from Tres Blah became the most important top on the grid to me. It reminded me of my passion for blogging, how much I love it and how much I am willing to tolerate to get it done.

Gidge Is Wearing:
Hair: Wasabi Pills Hanako – Gingerbread
Skin: Adam N Eve – Carolyn TA
Eyes: Ikon
Eyeshadow: Belleza
Shirt: Tres Blah – COLLABOR88

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One thought on “The Most Important Top On The Grid

  1. achariya

    hahaha I had computer/SL/everything issues yesterday too, which resulted in my avatar looking way vanilla compared to usual. high five, lol.

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