The Arcade Is Coming in T Minus SOOON

Vespertine is releasing some gacha pieces for the book lover who really adores the look of books throughout their dwelling. They’re amazing pieces to create little vignettes for a blog, or just to enhance the narrative of your own Second Life.

Tres Blah has an assortment out, some adorable spring themed items for your home, I’ve got a few goodies and I confess I’m going to have more if I have my way.

I admit I love little personality pieces to spice up the look of my home. I’m a sucker for silhouettes.

And if those goodies weren’t fun enough, I’m also off for a weekend of relaxing at the beach in my new Tres Blah camper and some other items from their spring collection for THE ARCADE.

The Arcade opens at 12:01 AM SLT on 3/1/2014 and these are just a few of the NOT to be missed pieces of awesome this round.

Get on your marks.

Get set….

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