Isle of Mousai


I went to the Isle of Mousai to shoot the pictures for my last blog post. It is a live music venue and also a brilliant setting for photography. Billing itself as a place for music and romance, I can definitely see its appeal as a fun and funky place to go. I think my biggest complaint was the left/right distribution of the tables on the sidewalk here – which meant I had to meander from left to right to walk by them. No problem on a quiet sim, but I wonder how easy it is when the sim is full of music lovers.


Isle of Mousai is full of delightful and quirky set pieces such as this stage off the main street.


The city has a slightly aged feeling and is dominated by a couple of towering builds. The air ships give is a bit of a steam punk feeling but the street level view feels more boho. There are tons of pictures of Isle of Mousai on Flickr, – just follow this link to check out pics from other folks.

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