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AVENUE - Caught in the Act of Living

I have three articles in this month’s AVENUE magazines, starting with this one about Second Spaces and the imaginative creator behind Second Space, Elle Kirshner. The article, Caught In the Act of Living talks about how good she is at creating lived in spaces that feel homey and warm.

Building a Dream

My second article is a profile of SL architect Rix SpyKer who is one of the busiest people you never heard of.  SpyKer is one of the custom builders who create the venues for many public events. Most of the time, these custom builders for events only get noticed when they fail, but the ones who do their job well… The article is a called Building a Dream which is exactly what he does.


Method to the MadnessIn Unia: The Method to the Madness  I wrote a little about the upcoming opening of Unia – a massive immersive mystery/game/puzzle/story/world from MadPea. This will be bigger than any MadPea production before and there’s a lot of excitement about that, but I was more fascinated by the process of taking the story from a little thought cloud and turning it into the prime, scripts and pixels that give it form and substance. It’s going to be a doozy of an event and everyone should go – but first they should read this and maybe get a glimpse of the massive undertaking this all is.



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