Cajsa Fast Five: October 26th

Fast Five I know I have been neglecting the Fast Five lately. I cannot even blame it on being busy because I have been slacking in every department. I have been dealing with more than my usual health issues. Still there have been some good articles I have read and some of them I even saved for when I got around to posting.

  1. Furniture 101: Prim Saving  | Valena Vacano wrote a fabulous little tutorial that I plan to put into practice the first time I log in long enough to do it. Really, if you read nothing else, read this. It will save you prims and make your prims go farther.
  2. Rising Up Toward You | Lilo Denimore posted this gorgeous outfit. I love her styling and most of all, I love the sultry look of her avatar. Can’t you see her in some old classic film with one of those bad boy stars like James Dean?
  3. Tangled | Parker Droverson offers a nice mix of fashion and decor and it was the decor that really caught my eye. I love the leaves in the vase, so vibrant in contrast to the leaves behind the window. The sprinkbok and gazelle heads are striking accents. It also made me think of the contrast in how these heads feel compared to the hunting trophies from deer and elk hunting. I wonder if it’s that without the fur, it feels more like an artifact found naturally instead of a trophy.
  4.  TOS Legal Panel Discussion | Inara Pey segments the legal presentation from Justitia and the SL Bar Association into manageable portions. This makes it easy to find particular sections you want to check out specifically. Related to this, there is also this. Second Life TOS News 2013 – 43 | Meanwhile, Nalates Urriah provides thoughtful, and responsible, context to the recent letter from LL PR.
  5. Slurppp | Petra Messioptra has  incredible photos that are as spooky as anything you will see this Halloween season.
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