Feeling Tweedy


The weather is getting cooler. Spending hours waiting for Tri-Met yesterday, I could have used this outfit, so comfy, so cozy, so very chic. With a very modern silhouette, the tweed pants outfit from The Annex is a Fall/Winter stunner.


The top is a coat-length tweed that mixes two very different tweeds for dramatic effect. That big, bold tweed on the sleeves would never work over the entire body, but as an accent on the sleeves, it is fabulous.


Worn with matching tweed trousers, it has an easy fit and offers high fashion style with casual comfort. The trousers are long and come down to crumple over the shoes. This brings me to a conundrum that plagues these styles in SL again and again. Shoes or no shoes? I am usually guided by two things: 1) Does the designer provide an alpha that eliminates the feet completely; and 2) Do the trousers come down to the floor? Well the answer was no for both questions with these trousers, so surely they are meant to be worn with shoes. The thing is, the puddled hem is going to be a problem no matter what, sinking into the floor or levitating, unless you want to spend your time adjusting the decidedly tricky and unfriendly hover slider on your shape.


So this comes to my one complaint about this outfit. I spent an hour trying different shoes trying to find a pair that worked perfectly. The length of the pants suggest a flat or low heel, so I chose these low heeled OXfords from NYU because they are what I would really wear – both for the traditional styling that goes so well with menswear suit and the low heel that worked better with the mesh of the pants than higher heels. Still there were problems.


There were intersections at the heels of both pants legs. The thing is, there were intersections with every pair I tried. I also put on a foot alpha to see how it looked without shoes, but the hem fell above the floor left me levitating just about an inch above the floor or so like a volunteer at a David Blaine show. However, I think this outfit is still worth purchasing because, let’s be honest, how spends time zoomed in on the heels of their trousers. Moreover, we are used to an intersection now and then – part of the daily SL experience. So, do what I did, find shoes that are color-coordinated enough to not scream look at me intersect – but stylish enough that if someone looks at your shoes, they focus on the shoes, not the hem of your trousers.


This recent release from Truth called Anita has the kind of relaxed casual style I wanted to pair with the outfit. I added a couple rings from Paper Couture and a great manicure from FLAIR.


I mixed Glam Affair eye makeup for the Cosmetics Fair with the gorgeous PXL Creations Jade skin.

Store info at Blogging Second Life
Poses: Ma Vie
Skin: [PXL] JADE NAT Chocolate Lips MEB C2
Tattoos: -Glam Affair – Elit eyes makeup – 8
Eyes: Poetic Colors classic – forest morning (m) bright
Lashes: Lelutka
Mani/Pedi: SLink Mesh Hands with FLAIR mani applier
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Anita
Clothing: The Annex – Coat – Tweed – Wheat – M
The Annex – Dress Trousers – Tweed – Camel – M
Shoes: NYU – Oxford Heels, Brown
Jewelry: Paper Couture P.C; Bird Ring – R hand
P.C;Leather Blossom Ring

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