Sand and sunset

Dream Island (4)

School’s begun and mostly I’d like to be at the beach. Luckily it’s almost good beach weather in Florida (not so ridiculously hot), and this is totally achievable, just as soon as I feel better from treatments. Instead, I had a lazy morning staying in from work and headed to Dream Island in SL. Oddly enough it’s listed in the destination guide’s haunted category, but it must’ve had a thematic shift at some point because it was simply a lovely beach. I poked into a few coves, accidentally checked out someone else’s beach bungalo (oops!), and went diving with the orca. I like beach sims that don’t ignore the stuff below water!

I’m wearing a new-to-me designer, Trinite, today. I like the flirtiness of the cropped schoolgirl shirt and skirt, cutely done! More photos of the sim are behind the cut.

Today I dreamed of beaches...

Dream Island (2)

Dream Island (1)

Dream Island (3)

Lashes: Dutch Touch Sjors
Horns: aisling marangki in frozenwater
Tattoo: Wicked tattoos – mystic – light ink
Hair: Wasabi Pills Tanya in Crystal violet
Eyes: Plastik Vaele Coll – glazegreen
Skin: Pink Fuel Harley in Porcelain – lid 3 – dark brow
Earrings: Hate Me and Eat Me Samosa earrings
Outfit: Trinite hot for teacher skirt and shirt in tan

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