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As the three year 100% coverage of my laptop nears its expiration, my computer has needed repairs yet again. This time it will get a new hard drive. Meanwhile I am locked out of Second Life®, but I have to at least appreciate that it died while under warranty, not after. I thought I might share some articles I have written recently for AVENUE.

june cover

The June issue of AVENUE focused on Pride events and the Stand 4 Love campaign. Several people shared their coming out stories and many creators from the LGBT community were highlighted.

zibpage60One of the creators highlighted was Zib Scaggs of Zibska. I wrote this profile of her focussing on her rebellious creativity and spirit. I discovered we shared a love of ska, a love she incorporated into her store name and I incorporated into the article, Rebel In Me.

dutchie262My other article focussed on Froukje Hoorenbeek, the furniture and home builder who produces many gay-friendly furnishings. Talking to her, I discovered she creates a story that inspires her builds. She shared her process and it was fascinating. Of course, I called the article The Storyteller.


July cover

The July issue of AVENUE was full of bright tropical colors and some fabulous style shoots that made my shopping list overflow. I did two stories, one on Akeruka, the skin and shape store, and one on another home decor store, floorplan.




Talking with the skinners KaoZ Koba and Agony Helse of Akeruka, I learned that they  visualize whole characters, so I imagined a scenario bringing their cast of characters together in a dramatic situation in the article Akeruka: Skin Deep.


In The Stuff of Life, I profiled Tegan Serin of floorplan. She’s one of those people who helps us turn our houses into homes, making the stuff that replaces the sterility of perfection with stories, personality and life.

So please, check out my stories and the many other great articles at AVENUE.

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