Nomine Oculi

I was at a party recently and folks were talking about eyes that they liked. The usual names came up, and I mentioned I liked the new release from NOMINE.

The record scratched and everyone was like, NOMINE? Whut? Is it 2007?

Funny true story. Nomine is still around, the creator Munchflower doesn’t release a lot but when she does, she’s got the experience of a veteran to release a beautiful quality item that is definitely worth having. This time, it happens to be eyes.

I am trying out the “skittles” inspired color pack first which is mostly but not completely traditional eye colors. Traditional in my SL includes purple so go figure.

She also has fantasy and mech inspired eyes so depending on how you roll in your SL, there is something for everyone.

Traditional texture or mesh prims available in each box of colors so you can wear whatever kind of eyes you like.

You can pick them up on marketplace HERE . They’re beautiful.

Gidge Is Wearing:

Skin: Belleza BETTY – Pale
Hair: Truth – Kerri – Light Blonde 2
Mascara: cheLLe
All Eyes: Nomine


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