Violet Rust


I’ve been playing SL on my husband’s PC lately, and it’s been a terrible revelation. Yes, 8G of RAM really does make a difference. Things rez, for one. And photos take less time. And a desktop monitor sure does help frame photos… Argh. I’m torn between wonder and jealousy. But because of that, I’ve also been exploring cool sims a lot more. Easier to do when you don’t crash every few seconds!

Today I traipsed around the art installation sim Rust like a colorful overly-made-up schoolgirl in my wide sunhat and my little lolita dress. I met some elephants and an enormous creepy moth. Go explore Rust over here! (More photos and credits behind the cut.)




And a pretty hat too

Nails: Mandala short nails
Skin: MIASNOW Belladonna – purple
Hair: fashionably Dead Saturday – Rainbow 3
Outfit: a mix of Blue Blood Chesh in blue and pink, including shoes
Eyes: MIASNOW eyes in gem blue
Hat: Schadenfreude Angsa Straw Hat
Sim: Rust

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