Cajsa Fast Five: Jun 19

Fast Five Today’s Fast Five include a loving tribute to an SL® original who died recently. That reminds me that it may be worthwhile to make advance arrangements such as disposing of virtual assets in your will and providing instructions to Linden Lab to inform your friends.

  1. Cecilia Delacroix – A Tribute: Melusina Parkin has written and photographed a loving memorial to the work of Cecelia Delacroix in Second Life. Her contributions to art in SL were many and she will be widely missed. Please read the post and follow the SLurls so you can appreciate much of what she has given to the community. 
  2. Stripped: Kitty Wytchwood noticed that she is wearing fewer and fewer clothes recently and contemplates the nature of nudity in Second Life®. The photo are great, too. but you will want to stick around for the writing.
  3. Historical Maps of Second Life Birthdays – Daniel Voyager collected maps of the the SL birthday sims from the 4th through the 10th. It’s far cooler than it sounds! I am so glad he thought of the idea, because it is fun to changes from year to year.
  4. LOTD 19.06.13 – Kere Millar styled an adorable Lolita look that is original and unique and beautifully done. I am not into Lolita for myself, but that doesn’t mean I cannot admire someone styling that look to perfection.
  5. Weird Questions Meme – Harlow Heslop tackles another of Berry’s memes, but the real star in this post is the profile picture. The hair is stunning and the eye shadow and liner are a perfect choice for that hair as are the earrings. Then to make it even better, her top brings everything together. It’s just so well-styled that it’s a show stopper.
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